State Fire Rescue Training - Area 10

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Scheduled Training


Please click on the SFRT VIRTUAL TRAINING link below for details on the training update regarding upcoming training by SFRT Area offices during the COVID-19 Virtual Training Schedule. 

In efforts to create a list of trainings available to Kentucky firefighters across the state, the Fire Commission will be posting virtual training sessions on its Google Calendar.  This calendar can be accessed directly through the link below - GOOGLE CALENDAR SFRT VIRTUAL TRAINING.  Once you are in the link, you can click on the updated schedule and see the list of training that is being offered and it will detail the following information: The Host SFRT Area, Date, Start Time, Topic, Length of Course, Login Info, Meeting ID, Password.  If you have any questions regarding Login or need any other information, please contact the Mark Hammond, Area 10 Coordinator, at (606) 923-8309. 

SFRT Virtual Training

Google Calendar for SFRT Virtual Training






Click here to download Live Fire Course Compentency Validation Form

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